Birthday Gift

Well here it is that time again, my favorite season of the year.  The light out is amazing, bright, crisp. The air has a slight chill that is easily resolved with a warm coat.  Ahh yes,  and let’s not forget the hot cocoa.  Last week I was fortunate to attend a food workshop by Hélène Dujardin here in Los Angeles. It was a three day event that started on friday at the beautiful Light Space Studio in Culver city.  It was fully equipped with a  test kitchen and stunning window light.  It was such a treat to meet Hélène. I seriously had a hard time sleeping the night before, kinda like when you’re a kid and you go to bed knowing the next day you’ll be going to Disneyland…yup… that same feeling. I know,I know, I’m silly that way.  She has been after all,  one of my biggest inspirations the last couple of years.  All her photography is exquisite, simple, detailed,  tailored and she pretty much makes it all look effortless.  It’s not.  After our meet and greet we got down to styling our first plates….that was so much fun.  I loved the fact that I got to see how everyone else plated their food and although we were working with the same items, everyone had a different looking result.

…….Saturday we shot at Hollywood Sierra Kitchens in a variety of vignettes at the showroom….super fun. Sunday back to Light Space where we looked through everyones work to see the before and afters, got to meet a rep and an art buyer plus got to use some pretty gnarly equipment from Digital Fusion.  Overall it was basically about shooting nonstop and practicing…I left feeling completely inspired and ready to try more on my own.   Pauly P. don’t have the words to thank you for such a wonderful gift.

  1. Denise says: November 20, 201110:47 pm

    Your pictures are breathtaking! How exciting it is to meet Helene Dujardin.

  2. Lukabop says: November 21, 20117:34 pm

    Thank You! It was a great experience

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